the easiest mint brownies you’ll ever make

Here’s the How-To for the easiest mint brownies you’ll ever make!

easiest mint brownies

Kyle’s cousin Devri shared this little quick tip with us years ago, and if I ever need to *jazz up* brownies fast, this is my go to method.

You start with your favorite brownie recipe. Then you top with rows of (unwrapped) Andes mints.
andes mint brownies

Put your pan back into your warm oven for just a few minutes to make the mints all melty. Mmmm.
andes mint brownies recipe

With a knife, spread the melted mints all around to frost the tops of the brownies.
andes mint brownies frosted

That’s it! The mints harden back up again and make the most delicious mint topping.
easiest mint brownies

How easy is that?! Mint brownies on the fly!

Are you a mint chocolate fan? Have you ever tried this?

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