Free printable candy thank you note

free printable thank you note with candy |

It’s always nice to have a few thank you notes at the ready when you need one. We have a fun free printable to share with you today. A free printable thank you note that you can either print in color, or print it out in black with toner ink. You might be thinking…”why print […]

Red white and blue USA banner

Make a U.S.A. banner for the 4th with the #hsminc |

The patriotic decor is up at my house…how about you?! I love to leave it up from before Memorial Day until after July 25…about two months or so. Those three colors together just make me happy. They make me think of BBQs, parades, road trips and lots of family time making memories together. I made […]

25+ Paper plate crafts

25+ Paper plate crafts -

Did you know paper plate crafts aren’t just for kids? If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive craft made from paper plates nonetheless, I have the perfect roundup for you.  Most of these ideas are kid-friendly and approved but you will also find a few that would fall nothing short of elegant and beautiful […]

25+ Post It Note DIY Ideas

25+ Post It Note DIY Ideas |

Post It Notes are wonderful – how did we ever live without them? You can write a note and stick it anywhere for yourself or someone else to find. Have you ever taken time to dream up some wonderful, amazing and creative things that you can do with a simple sticky note? Browse the ideas below for all sorts […]

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