Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

This was such a fun birthday party! You wanna know why? Because it was all about ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream?! okay…maybe those who are lactose intolerant, and do I ever feel for you.

We kept these girls busy with a pinata, “pin-the-cherry-on-top” and the highlight of the party: balloon bathtub bingo! Technically there is no such game, but geez-louise… these girls had a blast!

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  1. sara b says

    Looks perfect! What seven-year-old wouldn't die and go to heaven at a party like that.

    Balloon bathtub bingo….I'm in!

  2. Mindi says

    i saw this before i went to the gym this morning at o dark thirty (translation: 6:30 am) and it put such a smile on my face.

    i want kami to come down and throw MINDI an ice cream party.

    that one is really TOO COOL.

  3. Erin says

    Darling darling party! You are so creative Kami. Will you come and plan one for Ellie? Better yet, just send me all of the cute ice cream stuff you made in the mail. You can do that every year!

    Luckily, Ellie just wants to go to Disneyland so I'm off the party planning hook this year. But for the next one I have to throw, I am so copying you! I'm sure Avery and her friends had a blast. What a fun party. Love it!

  4. Suzie says

    this post made me smile a big toothy grin.
    love all the colors, that cute Aves & all the creativity that you own!
    LOVE IT!

  5. Marie {Make and Takes} says

    You seem to have all the cutest decor and ideas for bdays! LOVE it! Will you come and decorate for my 5 year olds bday?!!

  6. Ferrara Family says

    What a FANTASTIC IDEA… I am so wanting to have you decorate for my Hannah and Sammie's birthday come this November… :)
    Happy Birthday to sweet Avery… I can't believe our NICU babies are now 7 – next up the BIG 8!!!

  7. Kelly says

    i love this theme! my daughters bday is coming up, she will be 3. i think she may be a little young for the ice cream “do it yourself” part, but trust me i am filing this one away for future parties! we are doing a “purple” party….the invitations came out amazing (if i do say so myself!!) any tips on unique “purlpe decs??” other than the standard, balloons, cake, etc. My husband (YAY) came up with a bday hat making table, all purple accessories …sticker, beads, etc. but i need a few more “fun” ideas! and i know nobiggie will not disappoint! thanks in advance!!


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