How To: robin’s egg nest

Today I’m sharing with you a simple thrifty craft that has the look of something you would buy at a boutique (don’t you love that?!) It’s a Spring centerpiece – a robin’s egg nest.

I still love the color combination of turquoise blue and chocolate brown, and this is a fun way to highlight those colors together.

This craft involves two of my favorites: thrift store finds and DecoArt Paint.

I love to thrift store shop and I’ve found some great finds…along with a bunch of things that I brought home that I now question “what the heck was I thinking?” Well, today I’m turning that purchase into something better. (thank goodness!)

Here is what you’ll need to make this Spring centerpiece:

wooden easter eggs: $2.00 – (the questionable thrift store find) turquoise ribbon: $2.00 DecoArt paint (2 – 2oz. bottles): $2.50 (Joann’s or Michaels craft stores) spanish moss: $2.50 grapevine wreath: $2.00 – thrift store apothecary jar: $12.00 (thrifted) – you could use big mason jars here too

Total cost – 11.00 plus glass jars (mason jars or apothecary jars)

Step 1: Take apart an old grapevine wreath. I have found that a soak in warm water in your sink can help loosen up the shape of the wreath. You only need a few thin branches from the wreath, but it helps to take it apart a bit to get what you need from it.

Step 2: Clean up those wooden easter eggs from the thrift store. These little eggs were meant to hang from one of those little easter trees, so they all had little strings hanging from the bottoms. I first chipped off the hot glue and pulled out those strings before I began painting.

Step 3: Paint the eggs. The first coat of craft paint I used here is Spa Blue by DecoArt. To hold the eggs up while they dry, I used toothpicks and floral foam.

Step 4: Speckle the eggs. With Dark Chocolate by DecoArt, I flicked bits of paint onto the blue eggs giving them that speckled look. You might want to do this step outside. It’s a bit messy.
Step 5: Clear gloss coat. This step is not shown here, but find a clear glossy top coat to give the eggs a shine.

Step 6: Tie a matching turquoise ribbon around the glass container. Finish off the edges of the cut ribbon by melting the edges with a candle. This is one of my favorite quick tips.

Step 7: Assemble everything together. Layer in pieces of the grapevine wreath, spanish moss and then the blue eggs.

Voila! There you have a fun Spring-y center piece. Inexpensive too!

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  1. Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

    What a GREAT idea, Kami!! This is fabulous! I am getting so excited to meet you at Creative Estates!!


  2. Heidi says

    Hi! So cute- I LOVE this idea! One quick tip I learned from my mom, while watching her craft when I was little, is when she would speckle paint on things she'd use an old toothbrush. She'd run her thumb along the painted brissles and as the brissle popped back they would flick paint on the craft. Just a quick, easy tip for speckling things. 😉

  3. SaraB says

    Those are very cute! I'm thinking me and Mya may have to have a little mom and daughter craft night and whip a few of these out. Thanks!

  4. christini yogini says

    Wow! Amazing, what a super idea repurposing those eggs! I totally love this project! And am your newest follower! I'd love for you to visit me at
    thank you!!!

  5. Domestic Goddess says

    I made this for my dining room table centerpiece and it turned out so cute! I used a real bird nest that my boys found and blue Robins eggs candies.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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