Carrot Confetti Eggs for Easter – DIY

When it comes to Easter, I love to bring carrots and bunnies into the decor whenever possible. You might remember my DIY carrot cupcake toppers from last year. Well this year, it’s carrot confetti eggs!

Carrot Confetti Eggs for Easter -

I love the idea of confetti as a way to celebrate, and I thought little carrot confetti would be fun, and I thought I’d start with the Easter Eggs. My first attempt in making these, I used 3D puff paint and although I liked the look, I didn’t have the patience for the dry time, especially because I wanted the look all over the entire eggs.
carrot confetti | NoBiggie

So I moved onto an orange sharpie and it worked great! To make sure the carrots are evenly spaced all around the egg, I made tiny dots all over the eggs and then used the dots to begin coloring all the carrots. I didn’t have a green sharpie, so I ended up using a green colored pencil for the green part of the carrot,
DIY carrot confetti eggs tutorial

and I love how they turned out.
carrot confetti eggs | NoBiggie

I think this bunny likes them. 😉 (faces are so hard to draw)
Carrot confetti Eggs + bunny | NoBiggie

Anyway…just one more way to decorate Easter Eggs.
Carrot Confetti Eggs DIY |

carrot confetti eggs -

Do you have fun plans for Easter this year? I’m hoping we have nice weather. It’s usually so cold here in Utah. The kids end up hunting for Eggs in their winter coats.

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