Nerdy Valentines (with free printable)

Here’s some fun nerdy Valentines for the nerd in you or for your favorite nerdy Valentine.

The “talk nerdy to me” is probably best given to ‘your’ Valentine…not so much for the classroom. HaHa! Just a fun play on words, I couldn’t resist.

To make these, just slice your printable into long strips. Add a little colored card stock and wrap the box of Nerds with the colored card stock and your printable strip and tape them both down. Super simple.

We have two options for you with these: For the tiny eyeglasses shape you see here, I used a cutting die from Lifestyle Crafts. I love how it gives them a fun 3D element.

Or you can print with the little glasses ‘with the nerdy’ saying.

Download the nerdy printables here: with the glasseswithout the glasses.

*Printables from NoBiggie are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They are not made to sell. If you’d like to post them on the internet, please use one image and credit with a link back to the specific post on NoBiggie. Do not alter images to be posted elsewhere. Thank you so much for playing nicely.

Are you all set with your classroom Valentine’s for this week? There have been so many fun ideas shared this year online, it’s hard to pick just one!

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  1. 3
    Lisa Curiel says:

    I purchased this printable “nerdy Jan 9, 2014 Payment To NoBiggie, LLC Completed Details
    I just copied and pasted from pay pal. Guess it didn’t all copy. The directions keep sending me in circles and never able to print? Help. It’s under paypal email [email protected]
    Thanks Lisa

    • 4

      Hi Lisa!

      Sorry for the run around. We will be refunding you the dollar and here is the PDF file.

      The download will no be free going forward.

  2. 5

    Has anyone given these as school valentines? I worry what the kids who wear glasses might feel if other student associate glasses with being a ‘nerd’.

  3. 6

    i think these are great and i have reposted them, on my blog. i would recomend them as an awesome valentine to adults & kids alike. great job :) xx


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