Spicy Garlic Pepper Shrimp

spicy garlic and pepper shrimp recipe - NoBiggie.net

I love shrimp! Really, I love seafood, except for the really boing-y kind like scallops or the slimy kind like oysters. Okay, so not ALL seafood. Any who, back to shrimp. I love how shrimp cooks up so fast and you can have it on hand in the freezer.

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Gluten Free chicken nuggets baked in the oven so easy and so good! | NoBiggie.net

One of the benefits of being off of gluten and dairy, is that you cook a lot more than eat out. We are not currently off of gluten and dairy right now, but there are a bunch of beneficial things that came from that time for us. One is that we saved money! When you […]

Brownies from scratch

cake like brownie recipe from scratch | NoBiggie.net

When Kyle (my husband) was in about fifth grade, he came up with this simple brownie recipe from scratch for a school assignment. I’m not quite sure how he has an original recipe (as a fifth grader), and I still don’t have one. I gotta get on that! Since his fifth grade year, this recipe […]

DIY speckled egg candy jars

Monogrammed Speckled Egg candy jars | Get the easy how to on NoBiggie.net

We are on a roll with the Easter candy jar ideas this week, just in time for Easter! First we shared the chocolate bunny jar toppers, then the DIY peeps bunny jars. Now here’s a candy jar to celebrate Spring: speckled egg candy jars. I love the look of speckled eggs, and

DIY peeps bunny candy jars

DIY Peeps bunny jar toppers

I have another easy and inexpensive Easter gift idea. Marshmallow Peeps are such an iconic Easter treat, don’t you think? I spotted these cute paintable plastic bunnies, and I thought they looked just like the candy and that they’d make cute jar toppers. I love giving

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