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Caprese Wreath

Make a festive Caprese Wreath for a delicious and colorful holiday appetizer.

Author: Kami | NoBiggie.net
  • 1 bunch fresh basil leaves
  • 20 ounces fresh mozzarella balls (bocconcini size)
  • 24 ounces grape tomatoes grape or cherry tomatoes
  • balsamic glaze store bought or see easy recipe
To make the skewers:
  • 1 package extra long tooth picks
  1. Rinse and dry the tomatoes.
  2. Set up an assembly line with the wooden toothpicks, grape tomatoes, basil leaves and mozzarella balls.
  3. Skewer the tomato first, basil leaf second and finally the mozzarella ball. Repeat this step until you have filled your round platter creating a full caprese wreath.

  4. Finish with a drizzle of the balsamic glaze right before serving OR add a small bowl of the balsamic glaze into the center of the wreath for dipping.

Recipe Notes

You can serve with salt and pepper on the side for extra seasoning if desired.

We added a few extra basil leaves around the edge of the serving plate for a decorative touch.