Witchy Awards – free Halloween printable

I love the idea of a witch’s brew party, it’s such a fun girl’s night out. These witchy awards would be so fun for any Halloween party, but would work great with a Witch’s Brew.

You could use them for cute Halloween invitations, Halloween decor or part of YOUR witch costume. Ha! Award yourself!

To start, gather all your paper crafting tools. This is what I used to make these, although, you could technically get by with just a pair of scissors and some glue. Here you will see:

– a paper trimmer
a scoring board (mine is from the Martha Stewart craft section at Michaels)
– a low temp hot glue gun
– a good pair of scissors
– a couple of circle cutting dies, but you could use a craft punch or scissors too

First print these free downloads out. I used photo paper for a sharp clean look. I also like the thickness when I accordion fold the paper. Using scissors and your paper trimmer, cut the designs out.

Now moving onto making the accordion folds with the scoring tool. I scored them at every half inch mark. If you have never made one of these, I have a full how-to on a printable I did just like this, only it was for Mother’s Day.

Now for the fun part! To make it look like an award add little ribbon type ends coming out the bottom. I just used odds and ends that I had around. You can get creative here.

Once you are all done, there’s so many fun things to do with them. Here I just added it to a Halloween wreath.

I love this old fashioned witch face, it’s just creepy enough. :)

Click here to download these free Halloween printables: the witchy awards and the witch sheet (Please note our Conditions of Use with all free downloads).

ps. If you like this printable and download it, as always I’d love to hear from you in the comment section…it makes my day!

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  1. Donna Collins says

    I am hosting a Witches Tea on Friday and would LOVE these! When I try to print, it says to install a printer. I have used this program many times as well as your printables but have never had this pop up. Do you have any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Donna!

      Can you try just saving the PDF to your desktop first then print it from there, rather than printing it from the page online?

      Let me know if this helps.

      If not, I can send it.


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