Quick Tip: Summer Socks

Sometimes it’s just too hot to wear regular socks to bed in the summer, but your heels still need something to hold in all the lotion or foot cream that you’ve applied after a good soak.

To do this: find a pair of old cotton socks that you can cut the toes off of, and that’s it! So simple!

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  1. Logan says

    I've done that to a lot of my socks for dance purposes (socks are too slippery for the ball of my foot when dancing, yet I want to protect my heels from cracking) but I've never thought to do that at night to help lotion soak in. Genius!

  2. Sell...Party Of 3 says

    Where were you when I bought some socks like this!? Why didn't I just think that I could make some of my own with old socks! duh Von!

  3. Wendy Maxwell says

    I also thought this was a brilliant idea, UNTIL I tried it with a few different types of sock fabrics … & the socks slide up & over my heels ending up around my ankles. I ended up using some elastic garters … like the ones we used to wear to keep up long socks as kids. Are such things still worn nowadays?? lol

  4. Alicia K says

    i did the same thing to some socks to use when i do an at home pedicure in cooler weather. keeps the toes exposed, but the rest of the feet stay warm!

  5. says

    I came to say exactly what Alicia K said! There is nothing worse than going without socks for a half hour while polish dries in the winter.


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