Make your own giant polaroid frame

My girl started the 4th grade yesterday. 4th grade?! Time just doesn’t stop, does it?

I’m loving this age she’s at. She is such a sweet girl, and we have loved having so much time with her home this Summer.

This Summer, I saw these giant polaroid frames in the windows of one of my favorite “I’m-too-old-for-most-the-clothes-in-there-stores…Charlotte Rouse. I’ve been dreaming of them ever since! I love the classic look of the polaroid frame, and a giant one?! Even better!

My favorite thing about polaroid frames is the big space at the bottom for journaling or documenting the photo. These work great with digital photos, because you can photoshop the text in after the fact, like I did here. Awww, my cute 4th grade girl. <3

To make this giant polaroid frame, I hired my neighbor who’s great with wood working to cut a big 8ft x 4ft MDF board that we had. Here is how he cut the board to maximize the space. I had him make some regular polaroid frames as well as some shaped like those more narrow Intax mini frames.

These would be a great photo booth prop too! A bunch hanging from trees would be fun party decor, that way you wouldn’t have to hold them, because apparently they can get heavy..if you have skinny arms. :)

My girl had a great first day back, and I know she’ll have a great year.

Fun looking back: Here’s my girl on all her first days:

3rd grade
2nd grade – (this is where the chalkboard speech bubbles began!)
1st grade

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  1. Shelley says

    I love this! I may have to have my hubby make one of these for my son’s party! I also have a little girl who is in 4th grade this year!! They grow up WAY too fast!! I enjoyed your post- you little girl is a doll!!

  2. Michelle says

    Love this idea! I have bought frames at a thrift store and painted them bright colors for photo props too. I was wondering if you had a larger images with your dimensions….the one you posted is hard to make out. Thanks!


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