How to make a black and white paper kite

Happy Monday!

I have always loved the classic look of black and white kites with the little bows trailing behind. It’s such a sign of Spring time and the month of March. I love it.

Here’s the simple how to for a paper kite. This kite is made to be a decoration, so please don’t try to take it flying outside. I’m going to tell you now, I’m pretty sure you’ll be disappointed. 😉

how to make a paper kite (tutorial)

Ready for a fun before and after?! I love a good before and after! I bought this little wooden art easel at the thrift store last month and gave it a good dose of spray paint. I shared more about the easel on BabyCenter last week. Doesn’t it look so much better?!

thriftstore makeover - before and after -

Okay, for the How-To on the paper kite. Below is the visual step by step, with directions.

how to make a paper kite -

1. Start with an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of black cardstock and slice it in half vertically so you now have two 4 1/4 pieces of black cardstock.

2. With one of the 4 1/4 x 11 pieces cut in half so now you have two 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 pieces. Now take one of each of these two pieces and cut them both diagonally in half. So now you have four pieces, the base for the kite.

3. Now with one piece of white card stock, you will do the same as you did with the black card stock. You will only adhere the white card stock pieces onto two of the four pieces of black cardstock. I just eyeballed it to make it a tad bit smaller than the black to give it that clean black boarder around the white. This gives it a more finished look.

4. Flip all four pieces over, making sure that the white and black pieces are opposite of each other. Using clear tape, tape up the back side of the kite.

5. Next, using a low temp hot glue gun and popsicle sticks, hot glue the popsicle sticks onto the back to reinforce the backside.

6. For the little green bows, I used this bow cutting die from lifestyle crafts. (you can get 20% off of it using promocode: NOBIGGIE… if you buy it)

7. Lastly I wrapped another popsicle stick with black and white baker’s twine and hot glued it to the back. That’s it! Really simple.

I love how the bows are 3 dimensional and glittery…and green! A little nod to St. Patrick’s Day.
black and white paper kite -

How to make paper bows -

That’s it! It would be fun for an actual kite party at the park, or a picnic. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a whole bunch of these for a party backdrop? Just a fun way to celebrate Spring!
black and white crafts -

Now onto Easter Crafts! This Easter at the end of the month thing is messing me up this year. How am I suppose to decorate?! Ahhh!! …#firstworldproblems 😉

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Happy (almost) Spring!

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