Cork boat races (kid’s craft)

When it comes to kid crafts in the Summertime, I love it when they involve water. Here’s a fun little craft for a hot summer day.

DIY cork boats for racing |

cork boats with washi tape flags

I found a big bag of wine corks at the thrift store, and although I’m a Mormon girl who doesn’t drink wine, it was a fun find. There are so many cool things to make with wine corks. I love the look of them with their natural color and texture, and they totally float!

cork boats what you need

Okay, to make the little cork boats, you’ll need:
– wine corks
– washi tape in assorted colors
– toothpicks
– a low temp hot glue gun
– a hammer and a nail

To start, line up three wine corks parallel and hot glue them together. This will make it so they don’t tip over once you add the little tooth pick washi tape flag.

low temp hot glue gun

Before you insert the toothpick, it helps to hammer a nail into the center of the middle cork so that you can stick the tooth pick in easily. Now you are ready for the fun part of making little washi tape flags. This will be the way you can identify who’s boat is who’s.

For fun, we made a little finish line with red yarn, wood skewers and more washi tape, and little platforms for the winners of the race.

It’s a fun little crafternoon. Your kids will love it.

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*This post was first featured on Skip to My Lou as part of her Summer Craft Camp. Be sure to follow along for lots of great ideas to keep the kids busy this Summer.

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