You Wouldn’t Know…

You wouldn’t know how many hours it took me last year to make all these little hearts. Sure wish I had a silhouette back then!

conversation hearts - heart attack on a window -

or how dirty this little milk glass pedestal bowl was when I found it at D.I. (isn’t she cute now?!)

green m&ms for Valentine's Day -

or how shocked I was to find this apothecary jar at Saver’s for $12 (craziness…I know!)
or that I was there because the $4.99 gift certificate to Savers that I won at our White Elephant Gift Exchange was burning a hole in my pocket (funny)

be mine Valentine's day decoration -

or that there is a family size Western Family can inside to help fill it up,

quick tip when filling an apothecary jar -

…unless I told you.

ps. don’tcha just love a good run on sentence?!
pps. don’tcha just love the word don’tcha? don’tcha?

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  1. Pedaling says

    i guess i am shopping at the wrong stores.

    your decorations almost motivate me to decorate a bit for valentines.
    maybe next year.

  2. Tanja says

    Cute decorations, and thanks for the tidbit on filling up the jar!

    P.S. Thanks for getting that tune stuck in my head!

  3. Suzanne says

    Oh Kami, I love ya!
    You crack me up. How bouts you make me some of those crafts and come decorate my house. Oh wait, I guess I’d have to actually un-decorate my house from Christmas first, nevermind!
    We really need to hang out. Keep reminding me or I will forget!

  4. Suzie says

    that apothecary jar speaks to my inner coolness.

    Love all the little touches you have that make life sweet. Your family is lucky to have you. So is the world.
    keep it up!

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