Are you itching for Spring? Then this is a great craft to bring Spring indoors.

I love handmade wreaths and this one was so fun to make.

Here’s how to make it:

I first used my Cuttle Bug (hand cranked die cutting and embossing machine) and a bunch of different flower dies and flower punches to cut out different flower shapes with lots of different scrapbook papers. Using little brads, I poked holes in all the centers of each flower to secure all the layers together. Then I wrapped thin wire around each brad on the backside to secure it to the metal wreath form.

That’s it! I love how it turned out! Fun, bright and full of color!

For more spring projects, you will love this Robin’s egg craft!

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  1. Tiffany says

    Martha Stewart is going to seethe when she finds out that you thought of this first.

    It’s da bomb. You’re da bomb.

  2. Emily says

    That is so dang cute! Wish I had at least one crafty bone in my body but I don’t. Guess I’ll leave this super fab wreath for others to make. 😉

  3. Lisa P. says

    This turned out amazing. I am so glad that I got to see you working on this. I would love to come to a craft day at your house sometime.

  4. Debbie says

    The flower wreath you referenced reminded me of the most BEAUTIFUL flower square Kari made for Dennis’ funeral that looked like a quilt. Very cute, Kami.

  5. Omgirl says

    Dude, I am so not crafty. Thats why I love your blog. I get to see all the crafts without any of the effort!

  6. jenjen says

    Cute, cute, cute wreath Kami! I love it!!!

    I just wanted to let you know that your egg tip is a big hit at my house! My 9 year old loves boiling herself some eggs. We tried your tip and it is awesome!


  7. sara b says

    . . .and the best part of all….those flowers will look just as lovely next spring, and the one after that. Really cute, Kami.

  8. says

    Oh I love this. I can’t wait to make one now. We’re supposed to get snow tonight, so I think that I need to be reminded that spring is here!

  9. says

    Gorgeous! And how lucky you are to have a machine to do all your cutting for you. I love to make this thing, but I’m still cutting things by hand.

  10. says

    Super pretty wreath! It would take me quite a while, even with my Cricut, to cut ALL those flowers out, but the end product is definitely worth it! It’s droolworthy!

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