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All this week at BabyCenter, we are talking about infertility and loss. There have been so many great articles on the topic this week. I’m sharing a post today on 5 kind things you can do for a friend who has just experienced a loss. It’s crazy how simple the things are, and yet to the one ‘drowning’ they can be a life saver.

– my favorite quote from General Conference this year.

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  1. says

    I’ve read your sensitive post. It is so delicate indeed to address a person who has gone through loss, especially this type of loss. There’s such fear of saying the wrong thing, or making the person cry; there is such fear of the loss itself. One of my workmates lost his baby and his wife, years ago…I was totally heartbroken, yet I did not know what to say. So I baked a cake for him and his other kiddos, and offered it with a little note. So I was glad to read from you that offering food was a good idea. I also know, this time from personal experience, that a difficult thing after a loss is months later, when people don’t mention it anymore. Because the rest of the world keeps spinning, but for the mourning person, it doesn’t really psin in the same way anymore, never again.
    Again, Kami, big hugs from here!! XO

  2. CLM says

    I found your blog through a link to your babycenter post. We had just come home from a support group for those who have gone through the same sort of things. We were in the same hospital you were, only a month later. We knew from the 20 week ultrasound that our baby would not survive long after birth.

    It is so hard to see these stories, but there is so much hope as well. The talks by both Elder Quentin Cook and Elder Carl Cook held tremendous meaning for me. Knowing what was ahead for us, hearing “It is better to look up” and life is unfair and there are many wrongs but the Atonement will balance out all the unfairness and it will right all the wrongs.

    As someone going through the same process, thank you for your words.

  3. Shaunee says

    I love that quote and I’ve tried to take it more to heart. It has been a good lesson for me to learn to be more proactive and take the initiative.

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