Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

How to take a pretty blurred picture of your Christmas tree

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, remembering the real reason for this wonderful season. We will be enjoying our two on Christmas morning. Is there anything better this time of year? I love it!

We have loved hearing our girl sing “All I want for Christmas is her two…now three…soon to be four front teeth”, this month. And our little Aiden with his one request: a “doo-dane” (choo-choo train) from Santa.


To photograph your tree like this, here’s how using your DSLR:

1. Wait until evening, especially if your tree is near a window. You don’t want extra light in the picture.

2. Use a lens with a low aperture setting (I used a 50mm 1.8 lens), put the camera on AV setting, and set the aperture as low as it can go. If you don’t have a low aperture lens, it’s a little harder to get this effect, but it can be done. Stand as far away from the tree as you can and zoom in until the tree (or just the top portion of the tree) fills up the entire picture. The farther your lens is zoomed, the more out of focus you’ll be able to get the picture (out of focus = bigger circles of light).

3. Compose your shot and press your shutter button halfway down to focus. Then find the little button on your lens that says AF and MF, and change it to MF, which is manual focus.

4. Find your manual focus ring and start turning it one way or the other to get the picture out of focus. As the picture gets farther and farther out of focus, the tree lights will turn into larger and larger circles. Snap a number of pictures, turning the focus ring a little more for each one. Your shutter speed is going to be quite slow, so be sure to brace yourself as you snap away. (Don’t worry about a tripod – a little camera shake isn’t going to matter much since the picture is out of focus anyway.)

ps. I’ll be back in the new year: 2011, Wahoo!

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  1. Erin says

    Hi cute Kami!

    I'm staying up way too late to catch up on your blog. I should be wrapping! But just like always you have posted so many fun things. I'm so excited I won the giveaway! YEA!!!! Thanks so much! And I LOVED your postcard Christmas card. So cute of your whole family. Have a great holiday! And enjoy that "doo dane" — I have a feeling Santa will bring one. :)

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