Whitefish Lake, Montana 2012 (in pictures)

All last week, we were in Whitefish Lake, Montana (my happy place). About every other Summer, we meet my mom’s side of the family (40+ people) for a family reunion. We have been renting condos on Whitefish Lake for years. My mom has memories of Whitefish when she was little, and I love that now my kids are making memories there too.

This year was a little different. A few of us got sick (oye!). We had some kind of bug moving around all of us. It was a bummer! My uncle Jeff (with two f’s 😉 ) gave me some kind of anti-nausea pill and it knocked me out for a whole day. Also, Aiden fell down and ..almost.. knocked out a front tooth. There was bleeding and a cut lip. His tooth looks so much better, but it was definitely a big scare. We also had rain on our last day. Other than THAT, we had a great time.

Highlights from the week included jumping off the dock over and over again, paddle boarding, fishing and pretend fishing (if your name is Aiden), skipping rocks on the lake, seeing family who we look forward to seeing at this time every year, and ALWAYS eating really well.

We really missed my mom’s parents who haven’t been able to join us for the last few years. Although we all get a kick out of the fact that my Grandma Kae is still highly involved in the menu planning even when she’s not there.

Here’s a look at our Whitefish trip in pictures:

Here’s a fun look back at our trip to Whitefish in 2010.

Have you ever been to Whitefish Lake, Montana? Or Kalispell, Montana?

PS. Happy Pioneer Day in Utah today! This year more than ever, I have a new appreciation for the Mormon Pioneers.

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  1. says

    I have an old college friend in Kalispell, and went to whitefish on a trip to Montana while I was in college. We took the ski lifts to the top of the mountain. it was summertime so no skiing. I recommend driving to Glacier next time you go. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. says

    What fun that looks like. Wish my family could have a big reunion but they are scattered all over the world since I grew up in South Africa, and many have moved to Australia, England, America, Israel, etc. I also got a kick out or your using the expression “Oye” since I am Jewish. Sounds so cute coming from a Morman’s mouth! And lastly loved the reference to Jeff – with 2 f’s – I’m a big bachelorette fan as well and got a giggle from that!

      • says

        oops, and I’m such a goof ball. did spell check…sorry about mis-spelling Mormon!! What the heck was I thinking? I’m usually such a stickler for spelling and grammar!

  3. Brittany@LoveStitched says

    looks like SO much fun kami! I would love to go there it looks so peaceful and beautiful! I hope you are having a great summer – I would love to meet up soon! xoxo

  4. Holly says

    What are beautiful place – are the rocks really that colorful? Amazing! We’re planning a lakeside reunion next summer in California. There are only 11 of us, not 40, but it should still be fun. :)

  5. Becky Yep says

    Loved every minute…except the puking ones!
    i really loved the rain…it was gorgeous and gave us great photography lighting!

  6. Chelsea Tolley says

    My husband and I are trying to get transferred there for work! It is our dream location! Hopefully I can call Kalispell home in a few years!!!!! Cross your fingers! We went on a road trip where we flew up from Yuma, AZ into Missoula, MT and drove all the way to Oroville, WA in order to check out different stations. Kalispell and Whitefish was by far our favorite. However, I don’t think we could afford to live in Whitefish…a bit spendy, but beautiful!!

  7. Marin D says

    I had a conference for work in Big Sky in June of 2006. (I happened to be pregnant with my first baby at the time.) I had been to Montana and Yellowstone and the nearby areas before but that was my first there. We flew in to Bozeman and drove right through Big Sky. LOL. My colleague and I ended up in West Yellowstone. As I got closer to West Yellowstone I kept thinking how familiar things looked. Then I knew we were too far. We had dinner and turned around. I finally found it. It was amazing. It is so crazy how the sky looks bigger there. What a gorgeous place. I can’t wait to take my girls there sometime!

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