Whitefish Lake 2010 – in pictures

Oh how we look forward to this Family Reunion every summer. We rotate locations, with Whitefish Lake about every other year. No one wants to miss it the year we have it at Whitefish. That place is heaven. We’ve been going for years – since I was a baby – and now I get to take my babies.

A couple weeks before we were scheduled to go, we got sad-sad news that my Grandpa (my Mom’s dad) had fallen and broken both of his legs. We were all so sad about it. We all knew this would have be their last year to Whitefish as it’s hard for my Grandparents to travel too much. We all really missed them this year.

Here is our Reunion in pictures:

{Aiden’s face while driving the boat, kills me…so funny}

The tripod and remote came in handy for the big family photo.

I love this big group we call family.

The End

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  1. amanda says

    I have always heard you talk about WhiteFish. It sounds like so much fun, esp. with all your family.

  2. gina bina says

    What a beautiful place for a reunion! And those pies…mama mia. There are so many great things happening in your blogging world m'dear, two thumbs up!!

  3. Susan says

    Wow! That is really awesome. I keep seeing all these "reunion" posts on blogs….I want to have one.
    Where is the lake? I loved the little grin on your little guy while driving the boat. I'm tellin ya, boys just love the whole driving thing…even when they're young. It's like they go into a state of euphoria or something.

  4. Shaunee says

    That place looks like heaven on earth!! What a fun reunion. We may have to travel up that way one day…!

  5. Mindi says

    all i could think about is the fact that i wanted to be you, from behind, in a photo.

    NO BACK FAT!! i'm jealous.

    yes, small and pitiful is my world sometimes…..i'm a freak!

    glad you had so much fun–when is the swimsuit kami photo going on? :)

  6. sara b says

    I'm headed there Sunday for two weeks. It will be a MUCH needed break after all of this moving business.

    I see you made it to Loula's. How about that pie, eh?
    Pretty darn good.
    Glad you had such a great time.

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