Where do all the balloons go?

After sending all our little pink balloons up into the sky last week, I couldn’t help but think about where they really go, and feel a tad guilty (as someone who tries to live a pretty environmentally conscious life). I googled it over the weekend with worries I’d see sad images of animals with balloons(you know what I mean).

I couldn’t help but smile big when I watched this little video.

(see it here on YouTube if it doesn’t show up here)

There are things that we’ll never ‘really’ know for sure about, and this is one of those things. I do know, however, that it makes my mama heart happy to let go of these balloons on Afton’s birthday. So until then, I think we will keep doing it.

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    • Diana Padilla says

      With all the unecessary extras in the world, biodegradeable sounds like a good alternative to me…..a really good suggestion_can you please, follow up with a link and i think even I would begin to use BioBalloons in the future too.
      Love the sentiment of the pink.balloons…..so touching. Be well.

  1. says

    Oh, this video is soo sweet! The French comment at the end says ‘Tiji, a kids’ tv that reaches up to your expectations’, and I think those pretty balloons of yours somewhere somehow reach your little girl’s heart and meet her like the lovely balloons in the video. Oh you deserve this space to meet and reach up to your expectations!

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