Wearing white with confidence (at EVO 2012)

The whole month of July was a big whirlwind. Before our two road trips to Montana and the *uber spontaneous trip to NYC, there was EVO…Oh how I LOVE EVO. Hosted by my two amazingly go-getter friends Jyl of Mom It Forward and Rachael of Today’s Mama and their teams, EVO is always a favorite blog conference to attend each year. This was my 3rd year to attend EVO. It’s my one time each year to catch up in person with some of my favorite blog friends who I know I will only see at EVO.

Right before EVO started, I was invited by Tide to participate in a “Wear All White Challenge”. During the conference, I wore one completely white outfit (with a few pops of color of course) and on the other days during the conference, I wore just one white item of clothing.

Here’s a look at my white on white outfit with a bunch of my blog buddies. Thanks to Justin Hackworth for capturing this moment of us. I LOVE this photo!

From Left to Right: Kristyn of Lil LunaKristen Duke (Photography)Jen of Tatertots and JelloShelley of House of Smiths – Kim of Today’s Creative Blog – April of Funky Vintage Lovely – me

Taking on this challenge was a mind changer for me. As a mom, I will admit that I have slowly added white to my kids wardrobes as they get older to actively avoid the stains before they even happen. Now I think…”Hey! my kids can wear white…and get it dirty too!” Because I know I can get whatever it is out. It really is amazing what Tide Vivid can fix when it comes to white clothes.

Tide was also one of the sponsors at the conference. They had a booth where they took short little video clips of all different women at the conference asking about their opinions on wearing white.

I shot my video with two of my roommates at the conference: Shelley and April. I’m so glad my friend April joined us at EVO this year! You can see our little blurb at 1:35 minutes in and by blurb…I mean blurb…it’s short! I’m not so much a fan of video, so this worked out great for me. :)

Here’s the fun video Tide put together from all the clips. You can find us on the video at 1:35.

Tide recently changed the branding of what was Tide + bleach to Tide Vivid. Have you seen their new Betty White ad yet? So funny! The best part is at the end when she says “Jeggings”.

One of the best things about EVO is the beautiful scenery of the mountains in Park City.

I was lucky enough to attend one of the cooking workshops where we made delicious crostinis,

and rustic berry and fruit tarts. Something about cooking in this sort of setting makes the food taste that much better.

I snapped this beautiful scenery on our chair lift ride down the mountain after the workshop.

I also signed up for a fun photo field trip with The White On Rice Couple. We ended up just using our smart phones and we learned tips and tricks on how to take better iPhone and Instagram pictures.

On the closing night of the conference, my family came up and joined us to ride the Alpine coaster and the Alpine Slide. I love having them join me up there.

Then there was the dance party…:)

and the how many bloggers can you fit in a car party.

If you ever get the chance to attend a blogging conference, I would highly recommend it. It really is such a supportive community to be a part of, and having the chance to learn from the pros and connect in person really makes a big difference. My biggest take away this year is that if you are a blogger, you should treat other bloggers as your community and NOT your competition. I loved that.

*Tide sponsored the White challenge + supplied me with a bottle of the new Tide Vivid laundry detergent to help me get out any stains I may have created while shakin’ my booty on the dance floor. :)

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