We are thankful.

Last night I recorded the kid’s voices telling what they are thankful for. It was fun to hear what they rambled off fast. Notice I’m not included on Aiden’s list (dang it!) I tried to prompt him: “Are you thankful for mommy?” He came back with ambulance. Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love this special day. My favorite part is when we go around saying what we are thankful for. It’s hard to feel anything but love when you think of all that you have been blessed with. Enjoy this day.





Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Recovering Craft Hoarder says

    Whenever I tell my 8-yr-old son I love him, his response, "I love you! DAD!!!" Punk. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. melanie says

    We are grateful for you and Kyle! Thanks for being such amazing parents to Aiden and for all of your love and support for Meg and all of our family! We love you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. lyndsey | paper girl says

    haha, so cute! i especially love aiden's and the way you spelled things like he says them. [i am thankful for the no biggie blog and your tips…i still think of you every time i see a rotisserie chicken ๐Ÿ˜‰ ] happy thanksgiving!

  4. Logan says

    Aiden's cheeser grin in that picture just might be THE cutest thing EVER! I'm so happy he's thankful for me, I am thankful for him too!! :)

    Sorry this is a very belated comment. The internet doesn't like my computer.

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