Watermelon Stars, Perfect for the 4th

Make watermelon stars for the 4th of July! Not only are they festive for the 4th of July, but it’s healthy, cheap, kid tested and mother approved. It’s a given that you’ll be eating watermelon this Summer, so why not make it fun.

watermelon stars | NoBiggie.net

Watermelon Stars - NoBiggie.net

Serve up watermelon stars like lollipops for the kids, or stack them up for a festive way to greet your guests at a small dinner party, or skewer them onto a toothpick to garnish your drink of choice.

watermelon stars for the 4th of July - 3 ways - NoBiggie.net

Anyway you have it, it’s the perfect Summer snack!

*Looking for more festive treats for the 4th of July? Here’s a few:

-make a fruit flag pizza
fruit flag pizza | NoBiggie.net

Meringue Cookie stands
festive treats for the 4th | NoBiggie.net

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  1. Sarah says

    My kids would love this more than cupcakes or candy..really, they would. (I'll take the watermelon and the cupcakes and candy. :))

  2. Julie and Matt says

    That is the best idea ever! My kids love, love, love watermelon right now. They will love this! Thanks!

  3. J Glazier says

    YAY! Love it, We did that last year I think I'll pull out my cookie uctters again. Can't wait to see you guys tonight :-)

  4. Susan says

    So darn cute. All "MY" great summer ideas and recipes start with you. So what should we come up with next? I've already borrowed (stolen) your mini mug rootbeer float idea and it will be accompanying my Paigey's birthday party this year. Along with another bloggers Mini Birthday Party ideas (Pleated Poppy). I love all you crafty gals. You make me look like the Martha Stewart that I'm not.

  5. Jessie says

    Hello from Australia! *waves*

    My son is only 10 weeks old and it's Winter here but hey! Bring on Summer… my son will be old enough for solids and I'll be able to break out these cool (pardon the pun!) watermelon stars!!

    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  6. Mindi says

    love the way this looks–but, since we are dealing with a food-challenged individual, (me.) this is a little too advanced for mindi.

    however, i AM still employing tiffany's watermelon cutting technique, so i guess it's never too old to teach an old dog a few new little tricks…..

    ps those paper lollies were the bomb.

  7. Juliana says

    Love it, Kami! Sorry I didn't get a chance to come say hi at the neighborhood party yesterday. What did you call it? Neighborhood of Fire? Awesome. :)

  8. Nicolette says

    What a cute idea with the watermelon star in the glass! I could see this being a really cute addition to a summer watermelon infusion of sorts… yum!

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