Washi tape storage and organization idea

It’s no secret around here that I love me some washi tape. We even made a printable for it! Ha!

washi tape storage and organizer using an old cassette tape holder - NoBiggie.net

So last Friday when Jamie of Eighteen25 shared a link to a genius idea for washi tape storage shared by Mari of Crab & Fish (a must see post!), I had a big a-ha moment!

Mari shares her washi tape storage solution using an old wooden floor grate that she found at the thrift shop, a really cool find…if I do say so myself. Although, not all of us can be as lucky as her, her post did get me thinking and looking around my house.

I was in my basement last night, and wouldn’t you know…I had these two big wooden cassette tape holders that I bought a few years back at the thrift store just waiting for me to put to good use. When I bought them, I had no idea what washi tape was at the time, I just liked all the little compartments and that they were made of wood, and not plastic.

wooden cassette tape holders - NoBiggie.net

The big one holds 100 cassette tapes, and the smaller one holds 36 cassette tapes. The smaller one is made by Napa Valley Box Company (you can find a similar one here), or you can find the one that holds 100 here.

wooden cassette tape holder - NoBiggie.net

Up until now, I’ve been storing my washi tapes in clear plastic containers for easy access. Once I figured out that they would fit into this wooden holder,

washi tape organizer idea - NoBiggie.net

I began sorting all the tapes by color, because I’m a fan of the rainbow…and the double rainbow. 😉 I organized them all into the little slots. A few of the tapes are a little snug (like the tapes from Target), but they still fit. I have most of them pushed forward, so they won’t fall back and so that I can easily take them out.
washi tape organizer - NoBiggie.net

Each slot holds two tapes and depending on the thickness of the tape, I have some stacked by 2. I have a few tapes that were too tall to fit, so back into the container they went. In total, I was able to fit 72 different washi tapes into this wooden cassette tape holder that can hold 36 cassette tapes. Pretty neat, eh?!

And I LOVE how it looks! It doubles as craft room decor with all of them out on display like this. It sits on the shelf above my paper craft station.
washi tape storage idea - NoBiggie.net

If you too are guilty of being a washi tape hoarder like me, this is a great storage solution idea.

Looking for more washi tape craft ideas, you can see them here:

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Or use it in your Project Life albums! …my favorite way to use it.

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    Thank you so much for the shoutout and for linking to my washi tape organizer! I love yours as well — there’s just something irresistible about all the pretty colored rolls on a nice rustic-y wood organizer!



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