Ugly Christmas sweater lovers unite!

Happy Thursday! Thrifty Thursday!

Our nights this week have been filled with holiday parties, which gave us the perfect opportunity to pull out the ugly Christmas sweaters! Yippee!

I found a bunch at the thrift store at the beginning of November when they first put them out. Yay! I love it! The funniest part about wearing our festive wear, was that it wasn’t even an “Ugly Christmas Sweater party”, just a regular Christmas party. It was so funny to see the reactions on our friends faces. Such a fun surprise. Even if you don’t have an “ugly Christmas sweater party” on your agenda this month, you should make it happen anyway!

Kyle’s sweat(shirt)er is my favorite: Official Mistletoe Tester

Love these too…so 80s!

I love Aiden’s little deer, so cute!

If you have a party coming up, wear an ugly Christmas sweater and it will make the night instantly fun. If you’re looking for more Ugly Christmas sweater ideas, we hosted a party 5 years ago, and we had some winners!

In other thrifty news. I found a polaroid swinger camera! Isn’t it cute?! The front of it looks so much like the Instagram app icon, it’s crazy!

This old commercial for the Polaroid swinger back in 1965 is too funny. It get’s the name “swinger” from the little black strap that allows you to swing it (the giant camera) up and snap a quick shot.

Oye! If you really tried to swing this big camera up to your face for a quick pic, you might get a black eye. …but hey! It’s the swinger! :)

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater or turtle neck just waiting to come out of storage this month? :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Natalie says

    hilarious! a couple of our friends totally did this at a party we were at over the weekend and you are right, it was hysterical! good times.

  2. says

    hahaha….kyle’s turtleneck almost trumps the mistletoe shirt/sweater! so fun. now I’m on the hunt. we have an adult party and have to bring a white elephant gift. that would be perfect! I might even find one to wear so everyone can be jealous of me until they open their very own ugly christmas sweater!!

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