Tips for Disneyland

Here are a few tips if you plan on visiting Disneyland sometime soon.

This was our little Aiden’s first time to Disneyland. I was most excited about seeing him see it all for the first time. He had a lot of fun, although I do think 3 years old is still a little too young. He was tall enough for most rides, but I worried about keeping track of him the entire time.

I think the most fun about this trip was to be there with all of our cousins on my side. We love our cousin time.

Disneyland Tips:
– Bring your own stroller (the biggest one you have. You’ll be glad to have all the storage and the cup holders will come in handy too.
– There is a self serve drink spot in the Mexican restaurant in Disneyland and the Italian spot (near the Goofy ride) in California Adventure keep your cup and refill it if you are near.
– Ice water is free at most food spots too.
– Visit the park on a Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday if you can. The crowds are always less during the mid week on the off season.
– Split up if you are in a big group. Having someone do the fast passes with all the tickets is helpful.
– Find a great spot for the parade an hour before it starts. I’m a total sucker for the Disney parade, I think it’s the best part, and having a good spot makes a difference.
– If seeing the characters is a big deal, do the Minnie Mouse breakfast and see a bunch first thing.
– Make sure to visit the Winnie the Pooh candy shop. It’s so cute…but more importantly, duh-LICIOUS!
– Head to the ride you all want to go on the most first thing. For us it was the Toy Story ride. It’s a fun one!
– Save the souvenir shopping to the end of the day, freeing up more ride time and then you don’t have to carry stuff around with you all day. The World of Disney is open after the park closes.
– Park Hop!
– Get tickets for the World of Color Show at California Adventure. It’s a really neat show. We all loved it. Although dress warm and have your strollers, all of our little ones fell asleep. :)

A funny story about my Dad: My Dad came to Disneyland with his homemade Mickey Mouse stick. We all thought it was so funny. He made it or I should say “crafted it himself”. He used a Valentine’s Day Mickey Mouse card and a paint stick from home depot. I’m trying to talk him into a DIY tutorial. 😉 The best part is that while we were there, so many people asked him where he bought his “ruler” or his Mickey Mouse stick. I guess he got the last laugh, since apparently Mickey Mouse rulers are in high demand. :) It actually did come in handy as he led the pack. We could always spot him with his “Mickey ruler”.

A big thanks to my parents for a very fun family trip. We all loved it! :)

Here’s a fun look back at our other Disneyland trips:
Disneyland in 2009
Disneyland in 2008. There was also one in 2007, before I started blogging (lots of great Disneyland tips in the comments on this post).

Look for hotel coupons and start planning your next Disney trip.

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  1. says

    Lucky you! I love Disneyland. My husband and I go there alone when we are in southern CA, but it’s more fun with lots of kids! Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

  2. Brittany @ Love Stitched says

    How fun! we are thinking of taking the kids there this summer…it’s just SO expensive to take a family of 5! ugh! the price of family time! Lol
    I think that is SO cute your dad made a stick! lol next time he can make a bunch and sell them! 😉 heheh

  3. says

    It was such a great trip (minus the crowds on Friday, ugh!) I loved Dad walking around holding his Mickey stick high for all to see. And all of us following it, funny.

  4. MeGlo says

    What a fun trip! LOVE your dad’s Mickey Ruler! Living in So. Cal (Los Angeles) really takes the FUN out of going to Disneyland. Really. My daughter is now 13, we had passes when she was young and would go for an hour here and there. I think it would have been much more fun to be able to “travel” to see Disneyland. Sigh….

      • Jenny D. says

        We recently relocated from So Cal, we lived about 30 minutes from Disneyland, and even though we had passes it never got old for us! Sometimes we would go just to watch the fireworks, see a parade, or ride a couple rides. One time we went specifically to see Captain EO after they brought it back. It was always nice when family or friends would come from out of town to go to Disneyland and we could meet them there, without having them come to our tiny townhome. We are taking a family vacation to Disneyland this summer and we are SO excited, even though we have been there so many times. It is weird to be going as actual tourists!

  5. says

    My husband is from California, but I’ve only been to Disneyland once, with him and his brother. I’ve been to Disney World tons, though! Your tips make a lot of sense. It’s always best to have a plan when tackling a place as crowded as Disney! Did you do the Soarin’ ride? It’s our favorite!!

  6. Katrina says

    Oh man, i am so jealous! I live in Australia and over here you grow up with a lifelong dream of going to Disneyland some day….just once! Im 40 and still havent been, and i have 3 boys who would LOVE to go. So it is definately expensive from here. Just curious for an opinion from local Americans – which is better? Disneyland or Disney World?

    • says

      Probably Disney World (most would say) although there is just something do special about Disneyland, since that is where it all started. 

      I hope you can visit sometime soon.

  7. Grandma laura says

    It’s my favorite place and my whole family knows how much I love it…could be all the Micky Mouse stuff I have. One great tip is that you can make your purchases thoughout the day and they will send them all to a place at the front gates so you don’t have to haul your purchases thoughout the day. I don’t remember what it’s called but I know that all the shops thoughout Disneyland do it, you fill out the paper with your name, etc and when you leave there they are at pick up. I’m waiting for my opportunity to take my grandkids, they need to get a bit older:)

  8. Sarah says

    Hi! I loved your post, do you have any advice regarding cameras? I have a large DSLR and a small point and shoot camera. I LOVE taking pics with my DSLR, bu I am afraid it might get banged up or wet…do you have any advice on this subject?

    • says

      Just take your phone camera! I wouldn’t want to lug around the big one. Most phones these days have great cameras!

      Save the big one for a different time.

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