Thrifty Thurs. – Milk Glass

I had no idea back in February when I bought my first milk glass dish, that it would be the start to a great collection. I have loved finding pieces here and there as I go.

collecting milk glass -

hobnail milkglass -

milk glass collection -

my milkglass collection -

Hobnail milk glass might be my favorite type. There is just something about those little bumps. Here is my collection all together. Pretty huh? I’d love to know, do you collect anything?

ps. Remember I am a collector…not a hoarder. 😉

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  1. Christina says

    I started a milk glass collection over the summer when I decorated for my brother's wedding and wanted to use milk glass vases for all of the flowers. It's a fantastic choice to collect, in my opinion. I'm also loving my small (only 5 pieces) collection of blue glass canning jars. Love your thrifty Thursdays, Kami!

  2. Logan says

    I would say you're borderline. :) hahah!

    I collect snowflake stuff… and I can only enjoy it for a couple of months per year!

    (Am I a hoarder if I have a different pair of snowflake pajamas for every day of the week?)

  3. heather says

    i don't think you're a hoarder until you have multiple rooms dedicated to storing your collection! I think you're okay…for now! :-)

    it is gorgeous though!!!

  4. sara b says

    What a collection you have there!
    I started a collection of vintage cameras a while back…but haven't gotten very far with it (I have five total).

    I think I want to start a new collection…milk glass! I could fill all sorts of shelves with beauties like the ones you have gathered.

    Where do you keep yours?

  5. the mama monster says

    i'm pretty sure you are my long lost thrifting twin! i just started collecting milk glass, i love blue glass and old picture frames. oh and i collect fabric. i have a problem with buying fabric, new, vintage, whatever just give me more please!

  6. Omgirl says

    Those are really beautiful. They remind me of my Grandma, who collected wonderful antiques. did you really find them thrifting??

  7. Vintage Susan says

    I’m just about to sell my milk glass (6 pieces) tomorrow at the town wide yard sale (Delanco, NJ)
    I just love it too! Especially in the spring with yellow tulips or daffodils. But I need to down size.
    Nive blog!

  8. Peggy says

    I have peices of milkglass from my grandmother. Any one know how I can find the value on
    them. I have no idea where to start. thanks

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