Thrifty Thurs. – A Clock…

Here’s a fun before and after thrift shop find. I found this clock for $2
The Clock – 2$ @D.I.

Here’s the before picture:

before photo chalkboard frame -

before and after chalkboard frame -

To make this, I used:
Materials used:
-black chalkboard spray paint,
-Krylon Bahama Sea (Gloss)spray paint
-Tin to make it magnetic, because a magnetic chalkboard is better than a ‘not magnetic chalkboard’
-Tin snips
-A Hammer to make it lay flat

after photo -

Here’s the after! I love this quote, because I really believe it to be true.

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  1. Steph says

    You need to bottle your creativity and then sell me some. Honestly. If I had 1/4 of your talent my house would be beautiful.

  2. Chels Grubbs says

    Are you kidding me with this?! I DIE over this and I never ever would have looked at that clock and thought, "you know what? I could turn this into an incredibly cute magnetic chalk board!" I'm officially in awe of your thrifty Thursday creative-ness :)

    ps. How's your hair? I'm SO sorry I couldn't do it last time : / Let me know if you need any help with it :)

  3. Lisa P. says

    Kami- this is by far your coolest DIY project yet. I am so impressed with your ability to see the vision in something that does not seem to be that promising. You inspire me.

  4. tammy says

    Seriously love it!

    I need to go thrift shopping with you so you can help me see the vision. All I ever see is crap.

  5. the mama monster says

    hooray i finally found a mirror and i painted it that very same color today. got to love walmarts huge selection of cheap krylon paint!

  6. Sherryd says

    Wow! I have this exact same clock! I got it for FREE. I painted it black awhile back and changed the face but recently I've decided to paint it a brighter color for my grand daughter's room. Can I say you have good taste?! :)

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