Thriftstore ideas + Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy Thursday! I wanted to share a few of my latest thrifty finds with you today.

I found these two wooden horse head book ends. Aren’t they cool?! I love them! I can’t decide if I should leave them like this or spray paint them white. I’d love to know what you think.

I usually never look through the clothes, but lately I’ve been buzzing through the isles fast looking for fun patterned shirts. Even if it’s sleeveless, if it has a great design, I’ll pair it with a cardigan or a blazer like I did here. I love the bright print of this shirt. Most my clothes are solid in color, so it’s fun to add patterns here and there.

This jacket and polk-a-dot tee are both from the thrift store. I’ve been wearing them both a bunch! I love the collar on the jacket. I wore them both on Super Tuesday…sad Super Tuesday. I try to not get political here on this blog, but I really wanted Romney to win.

My friend Melissa of 320 Sycamore wrote a great post yesterday about how although we can’t control who’s in charge in our government, we can control what goes on in our homes. It’s a great post, you should read it.

Yesterday we celebrated Kyle’s birthday…Kyle and his younger brother Matt. It was a fun day.

I stopped by his office with balloons and a big “bevy” in the morning. I love that no matter how old you are, balloons on your birthday are always a fun surprise.

I love this guy a lot. He is my rock. He had a great birthday. The weather was perfect! He got to go for a big ride on his bike later in the afternoon, so he was a happy guy.

The Fall we have had this year has been amazing! It’s like forever Fall. We have been soaking it all up, knowing that snow is just around the corner…like tomorrow.

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  1. Ronda Batchelor says

    Too funny, I bought the exact same horse book ends for my daughters room at DI. I’m trying to decide if I want them white or blue! Good luck

  2. says

    I used to have those exact same bookends :) Funny how things come and go! Have fun with them- i think a White coat would make them look really magically girly- hey you could even make them unicorns!

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