Thrift Store Thursday – this and that

There was a time when Thrifty Thursday was a weekly post here, and then I started to realize “the junk” or the stuff that was starting to acummulate. I really lost my desire to hunt through others junk.

But it comes in waves, and I have the bug again the “thrifting bug”. Only this time I am trying to be a lot more intentional about it. It’s just so fun to look. For me, I’m not much into the clothes, but when it comes to the home goods, I love the hunt.

Here’s some of my recent thrift store purchases at “The DI” (as I like to call it. :)) You gotta love when someone adds the word “the”, it makes it more official. (I’m teasing…sort of.)

The domed glass pedestal plate for $5. Good deal, eh?! I saw it for a $20 originally, and a few weeks later marked down to $5 – score!

Watch for it soon with a glittered skull inside – more junk…although better junk…Holiday Junk! :)

How cute is this little penny stamp? I love the “in God we trust” on it. $0.25.

Ice Skates – Size 5 -$4. I bought these for fun winter/Christmas decor. Maybe inside a holiday wreath or hanging on a door. Or I could glitter them! Now that would be fun! :)

That’s it for me on this “Thrifty Thursday”. How about you? Any fun finds lately?

PS. Happy September 1st!

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  1. 1

    It runs in the family.
    Dad found a really good snare drum for $4.00. You might ask…why does Dad need a snare drum?

    But when we heard Avery and Annie POUNDING the drum to “The Wedding March”, we knew it was worth it!

  2. 2

    Loving the ice skate idea.

  3. 3

    You got some really good stuff!

  4. 4

    Your finds are wonderful! The domed glass – use it ALL year with decor inside, nice!
    Love the little stamp and the skates in a wreath .. perfect!

    I’m inspired to start looking :)

  5. 5

    I went a couple weeks ago… & got a hand full of goodies. A chair for $12, a vintage clutch, decor for my daughters room… check out pics at:

  6. 6

    The stamp is a great find. My kids are really into letterboxing and so stamps have become prized possessions around here. (I’ll be happy to do a guest post on that if you like!)

  7. 7
    Chelley Black says:

    Great finds! I’ve been looking for a dome like that. Just last week, I found a pair of Crate & Barrel throw pillows, Ralph Lauren sheets, a wire organizer, two tshirts, a wire basket, a phone charger, and a pretty bowl all for less than $13!

  8. 8

    I saw that dome glass thing somewhere. And it was expensive. Lucky ducky! I braved DI and bought a school desk. Like a real live classroom one with the wire shelf under it and everything. My daughter is dying to play school on it. And I’m kinda proud, ’cause I’m normally not a thrift store gal. I’m lovin’ the skates. They would be FAB all glittery. Good call!

  9. 9

    Thatchie calls it “The I.D.”
    Funny little man!

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