Thrift Store Thursday – this and that

There was a time when Thrifty Thursday was a weekly post here, and then I started to realize “the junk” or the stuff that was starting to acummulate. I really lost my desire to hunt through others junk.

But it comes in waves, and I have the bug again the “thrifting bug”. Only this time I am trying to be a lot more intentional about it. It’s just so fun to look. For me, I’m not much into the clothes, but when it comes to the home goods, I love the hunt.

Here’s some of my recent thrift store purchases at “The DI” (as I like to call it. :)) You gotta love when someone adds the word “the”, it makes it more official. (I’m teasing…sort of.)

The domed glass pedestal plate for $5. Good deal, eh?! I saw it for a $20 originally, and a few weeks later marked down to $5 – score!

Watch for it soon with a glittered skull inside – more junk…although better junk…Holiday Junk! :)

How cute is this little penny stamp? I love the “in God we trust” on it. $0.25.

Ice Skates – Size 5 -$4. I bought these for fun winter/Christmas decor. Maybe inside a holiday wreath or hanging on a door. Or I could glitter them! Now that would be fun! :)

That’s it for me on this “Thrifty Thursday”. How about you? Any fun finds lately?

PS. Happy September 1st!

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  1. Debbie says

    It runs in the family.
    Dad found a really good snare drum for $4.00. You might ask…why does Dad need a snare drum?

    But when we heard Avery and Annie POUNDING the drum to “The Wedding March”, we knew it was worth it!

  2. says

    Your finds are wonderful! The domed glass – use it ALL year with decor inside, nice!
    Love the little stamp and the skates in a wreath .. perfect!

    I’m inspired to start looking :)

  3. Chelley Black says

    Great finds! I’ve been looking for a dome like that. Just last week, I found a pair of Crate & Barrel throw pillows, Ralph Lauren sheets, a wire organizer, two tshirts, a wire basket, a phone charger, and a pretty bowl all for less than $13!

  4. says

    I saw that dome glass thing somewhere. And it was expensive. Lucky ducky! I braved DI and bought a school desk. Like a real live classroom one with the wire shelf under it and everything. My daughter is dying to play school on it. And I’m kinda proud, ’cause I’m normally not a thrift store gal. I’m lovin’ the skates. They would be FAB all glittery. Good call!

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