Thirteen years together

Over the weekend we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. This past year has probably been the most trying year we have had together with the loss of our little Afton. Sometimes I think if we can make it through that together, everything else will seem so small. I sure hope so.

This pic of the two of us looking down on our little Afton is one of my favorites during the week she was here. I love that it’s a bit blurry. I love that it’s the two of us together smiling down on our little angel. I love thinking of her now smiling down on us.

We had a Super Moon this last Saturday night to help us celebrate. (Did you see the giant full moon this weekend?!)

Happy 13 Mr. Biggie! I love you LONG TIME! :)

Here’s a peek back at anniversaries passed:

12 years
11 years
10 years
09 years

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  1. 1

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. 2

    Love that picture of you three also! Hope you had a wonderful evening celebrating. xoxo

  3. 3
    Kelley says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. 4

    This picture of you two smiling at your baby is indeed very sweet.
    You’re a lovely couple, happy anniversary :)

  5. 5

    Happy Anniversary! I love your photo of the super moon – the silhouetted building is so interesting!

  6. 6

    happy anniversary!

  7. 7

    Congratulations! May God give you many more years together. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. 8
    Glenda says:

    Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more! Filled with much live, health and happiness. Love the picture of the 2 of you with baby Afton! Priceless!!!

  9. 9
    Shaunee says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! We love you guys!

  10. 10

    Yay, I love thinking of you two on Cinco De Mayo!!

  11. 11
    Gina Bina says:

    What a year you’ve had! Happy Anni to the Bigs, we think you guys are the best ;).

  12. 12
    Debbie says:

    Happy Anniversary to a SWEET couple!

  13. 13

    Dear Marie I just found you and learned of your wonderful Happy Day today!! and also feel very touched for all this last year! During this life challenges one thing we do know for sure, the Lord loves us and is always looking over us. He loves you and your family and is always looking over you. This life is our learning and preparing time. He always blesses us all in our thoughts and desires as we learn and prepare to meet Him again. He is there with you both and now is time to remember and love one another and the children. At your wonderful time together this is the happy time to remember He is there with you!

  14. 14

    I love that picture so much!! It is precious. Congrats on 13 years! Hope you had a great anniversary!

  15. 15

    Happy Anniversary, I hope this year brings you lots of peace and happiness!

  16. 16

    Happy Anniversary Kami!! I know this has been a difficult year for you and Kyle (to say the least). You have both been through so much. But you’ve been through it together. That’s what matters. I also know sweet Afton really is smiling down on both of you. She has so much to be proud of. When I first read what happened to Afton (after I bawled for a good two hours!) I said a prayer for Kyle. I knew he would be dealing with his own grief but would also need to be strong for you. I’m so grateful you have him. You are a beautiful couple and deserve so much happiness. I’m so happy that you are celebrating 13 years together!



  17. 17
    Melanie says:

    Happy anniversary!! The two of you deserve the very best!! Love to all!

  18. 18
    Becky...Yep says:

    Two of my favorite people!

    love you!

  19. 19

    Hey, happy anniversary!
    And I’ve just kept feeling like I should let you know that you’ve been on my mind a lot lately as Mother’s Day is coming up. I hope you have a happy one!!

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