The Summer of road trips (Glasgow Montana)

This has been the Summer of road trips for us, and not just quick little road trips, I’m talking 12+ hours in the car road trips…Oye-To-The-Vey! Thank heavens for all electronic gadgets and headphones!

My Mom’s parents were not able to join us in Whitefish this year as they are getting older and it’s harder to travel. So…we decided to go to them! I’m so glad we did. I really do love a good road trip, and the beauty of the plains has made me fall in love with this one.

It’s kind of funny the amount of love we have for the State of Montana where my mom grew up. We always sing the Montana State song when we cross the state border. Ask me if I know the Utah State song?! …uh?! But the Montana State Song? You betcha! :)

I snapped this road trip pic of our car full of kids. I love it! Avery was in the other car as we caravanned up. One thing my kids have not had a lack of this Summer, is time with their cousins (on both sides). I love that they get so much time with them. I count it as such a blessing.

How cute is this little drive-in we stopped at in Livingston MT?! We had just gone through the Lewis and Clark Caverns, and we were all so hungry.

I love how some of our stops along the way make you feel like you have walked back in time, like Eddie’s Corner in the middle of nowhere…somewhere…just feels like nowhere. :)

I love that my kids love to visit my sweet grandparents just as much as I do.

My grandpa kept asking if there were any men with us. Ha! I think he was feeling a bit out numbered.

My grandma’s bathroom is the cutest. A pink tub with baby blue tile.

I love everything about it!

Although the best part is her hidden laundry shoot. I used to LOVE this as a kid!

We used to play catch through the laundry shoot. It was so fun!

I love this old picture of my Grandma Kae with all of her pretty sisters. The one on top is her sweet sister Afton (where I first fell in love with the name Afton).

An old photo of my sweet young grandparents. What a handsome couple.

I love taking in this teeny town whenever we visit.

The fair came to town, and it rained all day while they were setting up. We were the only ones there braving the mud. It was a funny night, one I will always remember.

Avery with her cousins.

Aiden and I on the swings. I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to worry on rides that were assembled on the same day. I can just hear them now…”Opps! We forgot a screw, Bob! (as my swing ejects me off the ride). :)

The sun did peak out right before we left. It was a beautiful sunset.

Everything is in walking distance, so we left the fair and walked right over to the DQ and then walked home. You gotta love a teeny town.

I love that every small town in Montana has a DQ. It’s a staple!

Ending every night with DQ and a dip in the pool can make any kid (or adult) happy.

It has been hard to see my “Grumpa” slip with his memory as he’s getting old. Although he still has his funny sense of humor at times, which I love.

I love spending time with these two together, since we don’t get to see them that often.

A road trip to a small town in the Summer always does my heart good.

Thanks for reading. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! (Our last weekend before school starts.)

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  1. Melanie says

    Meg is going to be so excited to see the picture with Aiden in the shoes she got him! That will make her day, nope year!! What sweet memories for you and your family!

  2. Annie Dow says

    What a great time you all had together. I’ll bet your grandparents were thrilled you all made the trip. You take great pictures Kami.

  3. becky Yep says

    That post made me ALMOST want to get right back in the car and do it all over again!

    Both trips were so full of great and funny memories!

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