The hunt for Big Foot (party ideas)

While in Montana, my mom and her sister (my aunt Lisa) planned a fun party for the kids, a hunt for BigFoot! We all laughed so much, it was a blast! This would make such a fun little boy’s birthday party. All the adults were cracking up as the kids went through the obstacle course to get their Official Big Foot hunting license.

BigFoot badge - boy birthday party ideas

To start, we had all the kids gather around to listen to my Uncle Jim tell stories about Big Foot and show the kids pictures of BigFoot. He then played audio recordings of BigFoot. The kids might have been a little scared learning about BigFoot. :)

hunting for BigFoot - boy birthday party ideas

learning about Big Foot before the big hunt - boy birthday party ideas

To earn their Official BigFoot Hunting License, they each had to go through 3 challenges of Big Foot Fear Factor.

BigFoot party games - boy birthday party ideas

1. Yetti Spaghetti – they each had to dig through a big tub full of cold cooked spaghetti and find the gummi worms in the spaghetti while blindfolded.

Yetti Spaghetti - BigFoot party games - boy birthday party ideas

2. BigFoot Toe Jam – while blindfolded they had to dig with their fingers in a big tub of cooked oatmeal and find “Bit O’ Honeys” (the toes) in the oatmeal.

digging through Big Foot toe jam - boy birthday party ideas

Big Foot toe jam- boy birthday party ideas

3. Sas- Squash – for this challenge, they had a relay with teams and the goal was to “sas-squash” (Sasquatch) water balloons. Here’s a funny video from this part of the challenges. We still can’t figure out how Aiden’s green water balloon makes it into the bucket below without popping, it’s really crazy!

After all the kids earned their licenses, they all went out to hunt for BigFoot!

BigFoot hunting license - boy birthday party ideas

Official License to hunt for Big Foot - boy birthday party ideas

They had signs up all around that read: “BigFoot Crossing” that were nailed to lightposts.

Big Foot crossing

My BIL Bryan ran across the street way up the road covered in a big brown blanket. This was their first BigFoot sighting. 😉 All the kids were scared and they screamed. When they made their way closer to my Grandma’s home, they found the REAL BigFoot (tee-hee), my brother dressed up in an actual big foot costume. He jumped out of the trees and made them all jump. We all laughed. It was so funny!

BigFoot hunt - boy birthday party ideas

hunting for a BigFoot - boy birthday party ideas

hunting for Big Foot - boy birthday party ideas

BigFoot hunt- boy birthday party ideas

It made for a very fun afternoon, and it would make such a fun birthday party!

Do you believe in BigFoot?! :)
BigFoot - boy birthday party ideas

Here’s some funny BigFoot cartoons:
big foot cartoon

big foot missing

big foot on FaceBook

big foot was here

big foot

Big Foot's cousin - medium-foot


Now do you believe?! 😉

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  1. says

    This is so awesome! BTW, that’s another Aid*n B. for our records ;D My oldest is Aidan B. as is his friend down the block. Another friend is Aiden B. as well. It’s crazy when they’re all together 😀

  2. Laurie says

    I’m here in Denver with Jim (the believer) and his sister’s family. Just last night I told them about this fun time, and now I get to show them pictures. Great timing!

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