Thanksgiving Snack Mix

This Thanksgiving snack mix is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Along with the free download, it makes for a cute party favor too!

I’m so happy to welcome Marta of Marta Writes, today here to share a fun Thanksgiving Snack Mix.

She has a fun blog and has such a way with words. I love how she can highlight something so simple (like her grocery store stocking stuffer lists) in a way that makes you think, “Brilliant! why didn’t I think of that!”

Thank you Marta, so happy to have you!

kami, thanks so much for having me on your fantastic website. i’m excited to share this thanksgiving snack mix party favor idea. now that i know how much my boys love this stuff, this mix is going to be a traditional treat every november!

thanksgiving snack mix 

Bugles brand chips (2 bags is plenty)
• classic knot mini pretzels
• candy corn or corn nuts (i used both)
• dried fruit (i like craisins)
• sunflower seeds

gather your supplies and buy equal amounts of ingredients. i was delighted to find all of them, except for the Bugles, in the bulk foods aisle. yay, bulk foods does it again! (i had a tough time spotting the classic candy corn and almost had to get the christmas colored candy corn. yikes, that woulda killed it. luckily the orange candy corn was just an aisle away. phew.) combine the snack mix in a giant bowl–adding more and stirring as you go–whistling (and tasting) while you work. if you need to make party favors or even a hostess gift, scoop your snack mix into cellophane bags and tie with baker’s twine or ribbon. be sure to add a description card of your snack mix too, everything in it represents a special thanksgiving memory!

happy thanksgiving.

*Click here for the free download

*Looking for more Thanksgiving ideas? Here’s 5!

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  1. Erin says

    THAT looks so yummy and easy to make! I'm going to try it for sure. I've enjoyed Marta's blog too! (been reading it since you guest posted there) :)

  2. aimee @ paging supermom says

    Love it!! Not only is it stuffed with yummy snacks, the colors are perfect for this season of Thanksgiving…off to get the supplies!

  3. Mrs. Norma Jean says

    This was a great idea so much so that I bought everything at the store yesterday, printed the cards out today and was prepared to assemble everything. UNTIL…the cards came out sooooo small there is no way all my husbands workers could not possibly read them. The fit smaller then under my thumb. I didn't really want to go and re-size everything after making the bags.

  4. Michelle Diaz says

    Just curious about how many servings this would make. We are planning to make enough for my son’s entire school staff/teachers, etc. So we need to know approximately how many of each ingredient to buy in order to make 73 bags:)

    Thanks so much for the adorable and affordable idea!!

  5. Amy Dearie says

    Love this idea and did it as the takeaway for my In Laws coming over tomorrow for dessert. I added M & M’s to remember how sweet we really do have it! Thanks for a great idea!

  6. Krista says

    This look delish! I don’t care for corn nuts so prob won’t use them and maybe add some holiday m&m’s (gotta have a little chocolate) 😉 thanks so much for the idea.

  7. Carolyn Starr says

    Tamela…If you don’t like what she has in it (GMO’s) why even make a comment. I see it was from forever ago.. but really… just click away. Thank you for this post…super excited.

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