Teacher Appreciation Week – make a paper lollie!

I love flowers, especially flowers that you can plant outside. Here is a fun way to spice up a pretty potted flower. I love making these paper medallions or as I like to call “lollies” because they look like a big lollipop. You could keep this gift as simple as this, or add in a few gardening supplies and a gift card, if you’d like.

Along with this printable reading “Thank you for helping me “GROW” up great!”, you can top the flower with this lollie.

Here is what you’ll need:

– a circle cutter of some sort (I used my epic – a die cutting tool)
– a paper lollie that you have made out of a heavy card stock (Here’s the How-To)
the printable for the center
– a glue stick
– a wooden skewer
– the potted flower
– a roll of crepe paper streamers (I used white and yellow…one for each side of the lollie.)
– a hot glue gun to adhere the lollie to the wooden skewer

Once the printable is cut out, adhere it to a heavier card stock circle of the same size.

To make a lollie this size, start with a 4 inch wide x 12 inch long strip of cardstock. I shared the full Paper Lollie How-To right here.

Now turn the printable over and roll a glue stick over the outside rim and adhere the paper streamer all around the edge pinching it as you go making pleats.

Now you can hot glue the center onto the skewer and the lollie.

And… you are done!

If you’d like, you can do this to both sides of the lollie…or, you could add a message on the backside to your teacher. Stick it in the potted flower, and you are done!

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