Canopy River in Puerto Vallarta

Kyle ziplining in Puerto Vallarta One last highlight to share from our Mexican Riviera Cruise: Ziplining in Puerto Vallarta. It was our last port and a highlight of the trip. Here is a fun little video from that day set to the song: Traveler by Jason Mraz. Thank you for letting me share our trip […]

10 Tips for the first time cruiser

This was both our first time on a cruise, and now that we have been, we wonder why we waited so long. This trip was sponsored by Beacon Financial, a company that Kyle partners with. We were with a group of about 50, and it was nice to be a part of a group, yet […]

It’s all about the food on a cruise

Who am I kidding?! It’s all about the food all the time. The food was amazing. Crab cakes benedict was a first for me, and wow(!) was it good. Every night I would order two appetizers and two desserts, just because I could. I think I gained 5 pounds, and it was worth it! It’s […]

Swim with Dolphins

The first stop on our Mexican Riviera Cruise was Cabo. Last minute we decided to do one of the excursions: Swim with Dolphins…I know! Sadly they only had one spot left, so we rock-paper-scissored for it. We had hopes to get some cool video of the whole thing, but there was no video or photos […]

A week away…just the two of us

We just got back from a week long cruise, just the two of us. It was incredible, and long overdue. We never got away for our 10 year anniversary, so this trip was well worth the wait. I’m excited to share all the highlights of our cruise this week as it was an early highlight […]

We just got back

We just got back from my happy place: Whitefish Lake Montana. It was beautiful, as always, and I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. As soon as I catch up on all the laundry, editing all the pictures I took, and figure out what is causing that funky smell in my fridge; I […]

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