The Summer of road trips (Glasgow Montana)

Glasgow Montana 1

This has been the Summer of road trips for us, and not just quick little road trips, I’m talking 12+ hours in the car road trips…Oye-To-The-Vey! Thank heavens for all electronic gadgets and headphones! My Mom’s parents were not able to join us in Whitefish this year as they are getting older and it’s harder […]

Lewis and Clark Caverns

LewisandClark Caverns 7

Hi friends! Last week I went to Montana for the second time this Summer. This time I went with my mom and sisters and all of our kids up to the tiny town where my mom grew up: Glasgow Montana. We also had a nice visit with my Grandparents who still live there. We took […]

Whitefish Lake, Montana 2012 (in pictures)

whitefish lake 1

All last week, we were in Whitefish Lake, Montana (my happy place). About every other Summer, we meet my mom’s side of the family (40+ people) for a family reunion. We have been renting condos on Whitefish Lake for years. My mom has memories of Whitefish when she was little, and I love that now […]

Poppin’ in from the road.

big sky Montana

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in from the road to let you know I’ll be back next week with lots to share from EVO 2012 and our family trip to Montana, Big Sky Montana! I hope you have a great week! Do you see the dolphin in the clouds?

The Night at the Big Red Barn

Montana 14

While in Montana, we had a fun night with my Mom’s side of the family at a big red barn, but not just any big red barn, The 100 year old Markle Family Big Red Barn. Here are way too many pictures of a fun night: I love the barn door! “Der Schmitt Haus” (tee-hee) […]

Fairmont Montana Hot Springs

hot springs 4

We divided our 15 Hour drive up to Glasgow MT ( the teeny town where my mom grew up) and stayed at the Fairmont MT Hot Springs. My mom has a thing for Hot Springs. We all do, and this one in Fairmont is a fun one! It doesn’t have that sulfer smell like a […]

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