The 4th in pictures (2013)

4th of July 2013 -14

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I’m not quite ready for my favorite holiday to be over yet, so I hope you don’t mind if I relive it here. It’s sort of a tradition that I share our 4th of July photos here every year, and I can’t mess with tradition! […]

Positive Space


Last Summer I had an amazing opportunity to go to New York City and see in person a beautiful dance choreographed by my sister in law Bree Hafen. The dance is called Terminal Soul, and it was dedicated to our little Afton. It was one of the highlights of my summer. I’m so happy to […]

My “one little word” for 2013

New Year's Eve decor idea - disco balls under cloche

Have you picked your “one little word” for 2013 yet? If not, Ali Edwards shared a great list of words to help get you inspired. My word for 2013 is

Thriftstore ideas + Happy Birthday Kyle

Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thursday! I wanted to share a few of my latest thrifty finds with you today. I found these two wooden horse head book ends. Aren’t they

Lake Powell 2012

Lake Powell

You might start to think this blog is turning into a travel blog, with all these trip and vacation posts. I once heard that a trip is defined as traveling with kids, and a vacation is traveling without kids. Before the amazing Universal Trip came to be, we had plans to go to Lake Powell […]

Last minute trip to New York

New York trip 14

If you would have told me one week ago that I’d be in New York for the weekend, I wouldn’t believe you. But it’s true…I just got back from a WAAY last minute trip to New York and it was amazing and meant to be. It all started when Kyle walked in the door last […]

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