7+ new uses for old finds

new uses for old finds | NoBiggie.net

Have you hit up some fun garage sales or estate sales this Summer? Since we had our big yard sale earlier this Summer, I’m still in the mindset of “less is waaay more”, so I’ve been avoiding the thrift store as best I can and I haven’t had any cool old lady purchases in a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! -2014-

go green for Valentine's Day

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very happy day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you all find love in one way or another. I wanted to say a quick “Hello” and welcome to Studio 5 viewers stopping by today. I was on the show earlier today […]

Halloween crackers and cheese (free printable)

Halloween crackers & cheese - a free printable - NoBiggie.net

I’ve got a fun free printable to share with you today! It’s an easy last minute Halloween detail that’s easy to throw together: Halloween Crackers and Cheese.

Let’s get ready to Random!

Studio 5

It’s been way too long since my last random post! Here’s a bunch of things and thoughts. Who doesn’t love a good hodge-podge post?! – Studio 5 went great yesterday. My best yet! I tried to keep the “Yeahs” to a minimal, so that was good. Here is the video from the segment, You can […]

Halloween Treats!

Halloween treats 1

To a few of you, this Halloween treat table might look a little familiar. It’s a spin off of the first Halloween treat table I did 3 years ago…only Spookier! (Bwahahah! this is as spooky as I get.) I changed it up a bit this year with a little Halloween chalk board graffiti and biggie […]

Studio 5 Segment

Studio 5

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow wh–MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! You know this joke, right! Well I was a bit nervous yesterday for this little t.v. segment for the Halloween Countdown…guess who was the interrupting cow?! Ugg! Or I mean “Moooo”. Other than the nervous interrupting on my part…I think it went pretty well. All I […]

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