Strawberry stuffed french toast

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast |

We all have it, the under used, under appreciated appliance. Ours just happens to be the Betty Crocker Stuff-n-Munch…until now. I was feeling a bit of guilt for being out of town this weekend over the big ♥ day, so I thought nothing says I love you like a little stuff-n-munch. We typically use this […]

In loving memory of our little Rukkus

Remember Rukkus 1 |

Last week our sweet little dog Rukkus of 12+ years unexpectedly died. We now know that he was killed by a deer. We are unsure of what exactly happened that night around 1 AM on July 15th. I have replayed that night in my mind a thousand times, and we are all still in shock […]

2014 Year in Review

2014 Bigler Family

Greetings to all our “high tech QR code scanning friends”! We sure are thankful for the love and friendship you all send our way every year. We count you all as big blessings in our lives. But enough about you, it’s all about us! Prepare yourself for Bigler Brag Fest 2014!! Except there’s been no […]

Rukkus is a…

rukkus our dog -

We have had our little dog Rukkus for 11+ years, and we are always being asked what type of dog he is, and now I finally know! Finding out Rukkus’ breed has been on my

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