Fun sparkler pictures to ring in the New Year!

How to take fun pictures with sparklers -

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you all are having a great holiday break with family and friends. If you happen to do sparklers tonight to ring in the new year, here’s something fun we love to do every year…sparkler pictures that write out the year. You’ll need a

Make a washi tape cheat sheet

washi tape cheat sheet

—Giveaway Now Closed— Here’s a fun little quick tip for those of you addicted to washi tape like I am. Make a washi tape cheat sheet and put it out on display in your craft room. This little cheat sheet is not only cute, but it can help you see what you have at a […]

You can use acrylic paint to write on car windows

acrylic paint to write on car windows

Last Saturday, Kyle finished his very first half marathon! It was fun to be there to see him finish. We are all so proud of him. Right before heading over to see him finish, I wanted to write on my car windows to cheer him on and congratulate him. Did you know you can use […]

3 steps to the perfect baked potato

the perfect baked potato

I love a good baker (that’s restaurant talk for baked potato… “86 bakers!” :)). There are three crucial things needed for the perfect baked potato. Step #1 – SALT THE SKINS. After you have washed and poked holes in your potato, rub kosher salt all over the potato skins while they are still wet from […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: the eyelash curler quick tip

eyelash curler + blowdryer

Can we talk about eyelashes? I struggle in the eyelash department. My eyelashes are a bit on the nonexistent side of things. I have tried a few things to compensate. In 2007 I tried a version of Latisse (the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow), and it worked until I got out of the habit […]

Quick Tip: Claim your Facebook page username

It’s crazy to me how many companies/blogs/websites/people/you name it…that have a Facebook Fan page, that have yet to officially claim the official username. Here is a simple way to tell if you have claimed the official username of your Facebook Fan page or even your personal facebook profile username. *If you see any numbers in […]

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