9 yard sale Dos and Don’ts for success

9 do's and don'ts for yard sale success

We had a big yard sale over the weekend, and I have to tell you, I was dreading it! We had quite the big pile of stuff growing in the basement, and the thought of hauling it all out to put on display seemed overwhelming. But you know what?! We did it, and we had […]

How to catch snowflakes

How to catch snowflakes - enjoy the little things - NoBiggie.net

Last week we had our first big snowfall, and since then my kids have been in winter heaven. There’s just something so magical about the first big snowfall when everything is a winter wonderland. I shared on Instagram how we used black card stock to catch snowflakes to get a closer look, and a few […]

Quick Tip: sprouting basil cuttings

easily sprout basil cuttings - NoBiggie.net

Recently by happy accident, I found out the neatest thing! Something I have to share here. If you follow me on Instagram, this is old news, but too good not to share everywhere. It’s one of those things that you are like “how come no one has ever told me this before?”

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