Project Life: week eight and nine

PL week 8.3

I’m still pluggin’ along with our Project Life album. I’ve got a system down for it with how I print all the pictures each week which really helps so much. Now if I could just get on a good schedule sharing it here…I’m working on that one. One thing I want to be better at […]

Project Life: week 7

PL 7.1

For week 7 of our Project Life book, I did two open spreads: 1 for our day at Disneyland and 1 for our day at the beach. I took so many pictures on our little trip that I couldn’t be limited to just two pages. Infact, almost every spot is a picture. For added journaling, […]

Project Life: week five and six

PL 5

Here’s a look at Week five and six of our Project Life album. I will be double timin’ it over the next few weeks to catch up. I’m so glad that I’m sticking with this Project Life scrapbook. Probably the thing keeping me most accountable is blogging it here, so thank you. My kids LOVE […]

Project Life: week four

PL week 4

Here’s a peek into our week four of Project Life. I’ve noticed that I seem to be a lot more heavy on the pictures than the journaling in the few weeks that I have done so far, but I’m glad I have the cute little journaling cards available when I want them. In this weeks […]

Project Life: week three

PL week 3.1

Here’s a peek at week three of our Project Life album. Week three was really heavy on the journaling. There’s lots to talk about and lots of feelings I want to remember from this time in our lives. A few things to highlight from week three: -My good friend Marie was in town! So we […]

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