Mr. Brandon Flowers

brandon flowers

Wednesday night we joined the C-loves for a night of Brandon Flowers. It was so fun. To quote my friend Mindi: “for a pocket-sized little dude, he packs quite a punch”. She is right on! He ended with my very favorite Killers song: When You Were Young. I loved it! Related Posts: The Killers weekend […]

I Heart Minnie

To kick off this season of love, I thought what better way than with a little ‘Loving You’ by Miss Minnie Riperton. There are so many things to love about this gem of a song, so many that I had to make it my song o’ the week. Here are a few of my favorites: […]

As Heard on TV

It seems that music is usually the selling factor in commercials for me. For instance…who can forget the wall paper warehouse theme song. 馃槈 Here are two commercials with music I love. #1 Lame-O Commercial…but I love the song. Now c’mon people…who really wants mismatched wrong size shoes falling from the sky while driving?! Can […]