June – check in

June collage | NoBiggie.net

Where did the month of June go?? I tend to hang onto the Summer months like a kid, and I’m always so sad to see them go. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I miss the way I used to blog when I first started blogging. I miss documenting my family and sharing it […]

Let’s talk about Disneyland (2014)

CarsLand Disneyland 2014 trip - NoBiggie.net

Just last week, I spent a fun few days in Disneyland with my family and the extended family on my side. It’s no secret that we love Disneyland, you just can’t deny the happy place. Every time we go, it’s a completely different experience. It was 2 years ago when we went last, and I […]

Fruit Ninja party!

Fruit Ninja party ideas via NoBiggie.net

My sweet boy turned 5 this weekend. Right now he loves all things Ninja, so naturally he wanted a Ninja birthday party. We all love the video game Fruit Ninja, so we thought it would be fun to do a real life version of it, and it turned out to be the perfect party on […]

Father’s Day photo book gift idea (free printables)

Father's Day photobook gift idea with Free Printables- Nobiggie.net

I have one more Father’s Day gift idea before Father’s Day is here. Because we all love pictures, I thought a photo book would be such a sweet gift idea. You fill it with pictures of you and your Dad or your kids and their Dad. Along with these free printables, it will be a […]

Dear Monday – you were awful!

Avery - april 15

Oh my, our family had such a bad day on Monday. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know of the big events of our day. It all started with the news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. My oldest sister Shauna was there with her husband

ready to escape Winter…

flying with kids NoBiggie.net

Every year around this time, I get the bug…the bug to leave this antarctic state and head some place warm. Who’s with me?! Yesterday was beautiful here, but fa-reezing! The wind chill had a bite to it. I’ve been daydreaming of our trip to sunny Orlando, Florida and wishing we had plans to visit right […]

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