Let’s talk about Disneyland (2014)

CarsLand Disneyland 2014 trip - NoBiggie.net

Just last week, I spent a fun few days in Disneyland with my family and the extended family on my side. It’s no secret that we love Disneyland, you just can’t deny the happy place. Every time we go, it’s a completely different experience. It was 2 years ago when we went last, and I […]

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

my girl and I - NoBiggie.net

Hi Friends! I wanted to pop in and say how thankful I am for you all. I truly love being able to connect with kind wonderful people through this space of mine online. I consider it a blessing to be able to share creative ideas with you all. I count you my sweet readers as […]

My best thrift shop tips

5 tips to thrift shopping - NoBiggie.net

*My eBay Collections were curated as part of a sponsored collaboration with eBay. I’ve been thrift shopping for the last 4 years, and I’ve learned so much over the years. Some of my most favorite things and collections in our home were found at the thrift store. So much has changed for me when it […]

The sweetest Mother’s Day cards

Mother's day card - NoBiggie.net

Mother’s Day is coming up so quick, only a week and a half away! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly my kids are growing up. I sat at my kitchen counter the other day, and had a total moment looking

DIY matchbook business cards

DIY matchbook business cards | NoBiggie.net

All last weekend, I was at Snap the blog conference exchanging business cards with so many creative women, it was such an incredible weekend and I really learned so much. I’ll be sharing so much more about the conference tomorrow. I realized that I haven’t shared my business cards here yet. My business cards are […]

ready to escape Winter…

flying with kids NoBiggie.net

Every year around this time, I get the bug…the bug to leave this antarctic state and head some place warm. Who’s with me?! Yesterday was beautiful here, but fa-reezing! The wind chill had a bite to it. I’ve been daydreaming of our trip to sunny Orlando, Florida and wishing we had plans to visit right […]

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