Lemon chicken basil orzotto

Lemon chicken orzotto | NoBiggie.net - this one pot dinner is so light and great for Summer

I have a new favorite one pot dinner idea for you and it’s perfect for Summer. Just like risotto, this recipe gets it’s name: Orzotto from orzo pasta. By adding chicken to this pasta dish, it can be a complete meal…a light dinner or lunch. With out the chicken, it makes a great side dish. […]

Captain Crunch Chicken Strips

Captain Crunch Chicken Strips | NoBiggie.net | where salty meets sweet, these are sooo good!

Have you ever tried Captain Crunch chicken before? The idea is rather than breadcrumbs, you use Captain Crunch cereal for the breading. It makes for a sweet take on a favorite way to eat chicken. My kids LOVE it! You can dip them in all the usual things you’d dip into just like regular chicken […]

Chicken Rice Soup

Chicken Rice Soup recipe | NoBiggie.net | this soup is pure comfort food

It’s that time of year when we all crave pure comfort food on a chilly night. This is not the first chicken and rice soup recipe I’ve shared here, or even the first chicken soup recipe I’ve shared. You can find the first two here: chicken wild rice soup and chicken noodle soup. This recipe […]

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