Great big thank yous on this Thankful Day

Thankful 7

We have been truly blessed during this most trying time in our lives. As I mentioned, there were a few miracles that took place during our sweet week with Baby Afton. Knowing with such short notice that our sweet baby girl would be leaving us, my sister-in-law Bree (Kyle’s younger sister) made Afton the most […]

Our sweet baby girl: Afton Jean

Afton Jean & Kami

Last night at 6:02pm, we welcomed a sweet baby girl to our family. The circumstances surrounding her birth were not ideal – I went from boring bed rest to emergency C-Section within a 5 minute period – but the important thing is that she made it safely through her first big hurdle. Things are currently […]

Pregnancy Update

bedrest 1

I wanted to share an update with everything going on with my pregnancy. Yesterday I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest, so that we can monitor our baby more closely. This week I had another big ultrasound with the Perinatologist. I am now 24 plus weeks, and we were hoping to see more […]

Biggie News!

baby announcement 1

What’s the word on the street?! Well if you live on my street, the word on the street (thanks to an excited big sister :)) is that I am pregnant …and it’s true. I am! She’s excited to let you know that we’re having a girl! and when I told him that I have a […]

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