Celebrating Afton’s birthday (2 years)

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We celebrated the short life of our sweet baby girl Afton yesterday, on her birthday. Sending little love notes written with sharpies on pink balloons up to heaven. Two years have sped by since she came into our lives, and I feel like it was just yesterday. All the emotions come flooding back as I […]

Afton’s Angels

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One year ago today, our little Afton returned to heaven. So many emotions on this day. Wanting to do something in her honor with the help of our families, we organized Afton’s Angels. We wanted to provide service in some way. We knew that something involving the NICU would be the perfect place to help. […]

Where do all the balloons go?


After sending all our little pink balloons up into the sky last week, I couldn’t help but think about where they really go, and feel a tad guilty (as someone who tries to live a pretty environmentally conscious life). I googled it over the weekend with worries I’d see sad images of animals with balloons(you […]

Little pink balloons sent up to heaven

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Thank you so much for all your sweet notes on Wednesday, Afton’s birthday. They were so nice. They were a sweet end to a bittersweet day. It’s a crazy thing how you can anticipate a day for an entire year. You go through all the motions hoping it all goes well. It’s the day after […]

Celebrating our little Afton

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One year ago today, our little Afton was born. I am in shock that a whole year has passed since she was with us for that brief time. That oh so brief time when time stopped. It really feels like yesterday. She has changed our lives in so many ways. Her short life is a […]

Sweet thoughts on a Thrifty Thursday

#AmericanGirlDoll Julie NoBiggie.net

I’ve had some great luck at the thrift store, lately. Avery is really into American Girl everything right now. Along with her friends, they have been playing with them nonstop…whenever they can. Last week we found this little wooden desk for $6. Right when I saw it, I knew

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