Sugar Doodle Kids: pajamas for a cause

Last summer when I was at EVO (the blog conference in Park City, UT), I met the sweetest girl, Janessa Whatcott. Have you ever met someone and immediately you feel like you were suppose to meet them, like it was meant to be. That’s how I felt when I first met Janessa.

It was the first night of the conference and there was a meet up for all first time conference attendees. When Janessa told me about her new charitable company called: Sugar Doodle Kids and how it was created in honor of her sweet baby boy Cole who was born premature and lived just under one week before he passed away, we were immediately connected. Both their little Cole and our Afton were born in November and lived about a week.

Janessa and her husband Nick have 4 boys including their little angel Cole. In honor of their son Cole who they lost in 2008, they started Sugar Doodle Kids this year. The idea is that for each pair of pajamas sold, a meal is given to a child in need through the Utah Food Bank’s BackPack program. The program provides meals for underprivileged children statewide.

Sugar Doodle Kids’ motto is “Dream in Comfort,” which means as one child slumbers in their cozy pajamas, another is going to bed with a full stomach. There’s a great article on Desert News about Sugar Doodle Kids.

The best part about these sweet pjs is that you can submit your child’s artwork to be made into pjs. Wouldn’t that be sweet to see your child’s art on pajamas? You can submit your designs here.

They sent over some of their cozy pjs for Aiden and he loves them.

When you lose a child, as a parent, you just want to do something in their honor. Something to keep their memory and their name present in your life as time marches on. I’m happy that they have come up with this great way to honor their sweet boy. And I love the idea behind their sweet pjs and I love knowing that when you buy them another child is not going to bed hungry.

Since Christmas was not that long ago, you could have your children draw a “Christmas-y” picture and you could submit it to be made into “Christmas pajamas” for next year! Wouldn’t that be fun! Custom Christmas pajamas would be so cool. Or if you are ready to “think warm thoughts” you could have them draw a warm picture for Spring/Summer pjs.

I wish the Whatcott’s great success with Sugar Doodle Kids. If you have a minute, hop over and “Like” Sugar Doodle Kids on Facebook, so you can stay in the know with their great company.

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  1. says

    Wow! Kami thank you so much! I got chills reading this and remembering the first time that we met! You are such a remarkable person and I am so grateful to have met you and become friends! Thank you! The post is AMAZING!!

  2. Connie says

    I’m not understanding…is this a product they sell? your child’s artwork on pajamas. or is it a contest? I clicked over because I would so buy pjs with my child’s artwork and it was talking about if selected. selected as in contest? selected to purchase the pajamas? I’m lost.

    • says

      Hi Connie!

      You can purchase the pajamas that they have for sale right now on their site, and you can also submit artwork into a contest to be made into future designs for their pajamas.

      Does that help?

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